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Welcome to the drop in the internet ocean that is my website. You'll find links to all the projects I'm involved in, as well as link's to the sites I provide hosting for, if they wish to be published here. You'll also find a short version of my C.V. and my Linkedin profile.

If you have any questions, or just want to get in touch with me head over to the Contact page.


- Sion

Projects & Hosted Sites


Impeller Studios
Impeller Studios is a multinational Game Development company. I'm the Lead Game API programmer. I also designed, built and maintain Impellers entire online and offline infrastructure.

Aurora Technical Solutions
Aurora Technical Solutions is a small ICT Service Provider I started to help Charities and small businesses keep up in today's ever more technological world. ATS provides enterprise class levels of support and guidance to help it's clients grow and survive, without the enterprise price tag.

BreachLAN is a local LAN community. I re-designed and coded the BreachLAN website to bring it up to date and comply with security standards. I created the new website using a custom framework called Frozen (Details below).

GameLaunched LLC
GameLaunched is an International Crowd Funding Website that specialises in the Game's Industry. GameLaunched provides a unique approach to crowd funding, before any projects can do live they require backing (mentoring) from one of the industry veteran's. At GameLaunched, I'm one of two developers that created the entire website and online infrastructure from the ground up. One of the key challenges is providing 100% uptime and global reach whilst supporting multiple currencies and languages. I also created the GameLaunched API, a tool which is unique in the crowd funding sector. Both the website and API have been created in the custom framework Frozen (Details below).

2Dawn Games Inc.
2Dawn Games is a small Indie games development company that also provides Publishing for other Indie titles. At 2Dawn, I am one of two web developers that built and manage the website and online infrastructure. I also created the 2Dawn API which allows games to authenticate users against 2Dawn's user database, it also has micro-transaction support. The challenge at 2Dawn was creating a global infrastructure that self-healed and had near 100% uptime at minimal cost.

Devolution Comics
I provide Technical Consultancy and Coordinate Technical Services for Devolution Comics. This includes providing support for software & and hardware as well as finding creative solutions to any issues that arise. Currently, Devolution Comics has 2 publications.

A custom built highly extendable framework I created alongside Mike Burke. We originally created the framework for GameLaunched LLC. However, due to the extendable nature, simplicity and speed of the framework I use it for every applicable new project. Since it's original version, Frozen has been re-written twice and is now the base for the various Impeller Studios websites.

AD Group Creator (Link/Source code not available at present. Will be made open source at a later date)
This is a c#.net based application that automatically creates new shared folders on local or networked storage, creates Active Directory security groups for the folder and populates it with selected user accounts that you have specified. The application then applies the correct level of permissions all the way down the directory tree.

NHSGSetTools (Link/Source code not available)
These are a collection of tools I wrote to automate tasks and monitor logs and systems for my Day Job.

Windows Service Control (No link available)
An online tool to manage Windows Services on a local, or remote server. This was specifically created to manage UnrealIRCD & Anope IRC Services. This tool is currently still in use.

CastiBot (Link/Source code not available)
A php based IRC bot I created to assist the day-to-day running of the MultiplayUK 1st line support team. It manages several email boxes, keeps track of down servers, alerts members of staff when certain events occur and has "notebook" functionality. Users can select which events they receive alerts for and how they receive the alerts (Highlight in a certain channel, or via PM (Personal Message)).

AuroraCMS (Retired)
A custom built Content Management System I created for a specific project that was then adapted to a more generic role. Development on the CMS has stopped, but I do patch any security holes as and when required.

Hosted Sites/Projects

BreachLAN - BreachLAN is a local LAN community which I host on my shared hosting platform.
Summa CrossRoads - I provide a dedicated VM to SummaXR for use as their IRC server and backup services.
• Devolution Comics - A local comic book publisher.

Curriculum Vitae

Work Experience

NHS Grampian
Technical Analyst (Data Centre), December 2015 - Current
Providing 3rd line support to all NHS Grampian staff. Designing and implementing new projects and systems that are acquired. Specialising in Backup Administration and Security Systems.

Aberdeenshire Council
ICT Support Analyst, June 2013 - December 2015
Providing 1st/2nd line support to all council employees, councillors and teaching staff via email, telephone, support ticket and site visit. Training new members of staff. Specialist in SLA breach prevention.

2Dawn Games Inc.
php Developer & Infrastructure Management, March 2013 - Current
Developing internal/external websites and tools. Designing and maintaining the global infrastructure to ensure as close to 100% uptime as possible.

GameLaunched LLC
php Developer & Co-Founder, September 2013 - Current
Designing and maintaining the various websites, systems and servers used by GameLaunch. Including the multi-currency payment processors.

Suretec Systems/SureVoIP
Support Team & Systems Administrator, June 2012 - June 2013
Providing support to all customers, answering pre-sales questions & maintaining the infrastructure.


• January 2018 - Veritas NetBackup Advanced Administration
• May 2016 - NetApp CDOT Certification
• April 2014 - ITIL Foundation
• November 2013 - APMG-International's SDI Service Desk Analyst. Mastery pass mark achieved.

Aberdeen College (Now North East Scotland College)
• May 2009 - HND Software Development
• May 2007 - HND Technical Support
• May 2006 - HNC Computing

Technical Skills & Experience

Operating Systems
Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS, FreeBSD, VMWare ESXi 4 & 5, MSDOS, Microsoft Windows (Windows 95 to Windows 7. Including Windows Server 2003 to 2012).

Programming/Scripting Languages
HTML4 & HTML5, CSS3, php, SQL, JavaScript (Limited), Bash, python (Limited), VB.net, c#.net.

Applications & Systems Experience
Linux System Administration & Hardening, TCP/IP basics, pfSense, cygwin, Active Directory (including large scale networks), Microsoft Server Technologies (including Exchange, SCCM, BitLocker, Hyper-V, GPO, WDS & WSUS), SIP, FusionPBX, FreePBX, FreeSWITCH, Elaxtix, PikaWarp, Asterisk, nginx, Apache, MariaDB (including MariaDB Enterprise/Clustering), Percona (including XtraDB).

Contact Me

You can normally find me on QuakeNet IRC Network under the handle Casti. If you don't have access to IRC, you can email me directly using the contact form below.